Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dust yoself off and try again; try try again.


It's been forever and a day; I know.  A multitude of things happened while I was not-posting.

In no specific order:

- I lost my job.
- I got a new job.
- I lost that new job.
- Steamcloud ate my Fallout: New Vegas save, the one I was using to blog.
- I restarted a F:NV save, and with a different approach tore through the content way faster than I had previously anticipated, making it almost ludicrous to blog about.  (Hint: go full-on energy weapons, get the Gauss Rifle off Elijah in Dead Money.  Never worry about anything else ever again.)
- I was without internet for a while, so I did a complete run through of Mass Effect 1, 2, 3, then Dragon Age Origins, Awakenings and then 2.
- Diablo 3 came out with patch 2.3
- I sank about 30 hours into Final Fantasy 13; enough to clear the tutorial section.
- Summer happened, and well I went to the beach. A lot.
- RIOT FEEEEEEEEST.  I almost died like 3 times.  Great fun.
- Part of a podcast where myself and 3 other way more awesome dudes read classic romance comics and say dumb stuff about it because we are idiot man titty babies.  Lonely Hearts Podcast Blog.

Anyways.  All that's cool and all, but let's get down to brass tacks.

Fallout 4.



I just finished my first complete runthrough of the game.  Proof below.

Last one left: Benevolent Leader.  F THAT.



I ended up being level 90, with a various number of reloading previous saves to explore all the branching story elements (Railroad vs Brotherhood vs Institute vs Gamera vs Guiron, etc)

I wanted to do a first run without blogging it for a few reasons; mainly I wanted to enjoy the game without spoiling it for anyone else out there.  I've shared a few pics on twitter and facebook for those who're connected to my social media, but nothing that was overly spoilery or straightup spoilery.  There's shit that done can git spoilt, son.

An example:

Bears don't shit in the woods; riddle solved.

That was a non-spoilery example, of course.

ANYWAYS.  Time for the next project!  Fallout 4 runthrough that done gon' git BLOG'D.  But what's different this time 'round?

Fallout 4's changed a few things from the original Fallout formula, such as perks are now at every level!  Also there's no longer a skill system, or requirements to weapons / armor.  No more item degradation, either!  Those are little to medium tweaks to the engine, whereas complete ommitions are that there's no longer a karma system.

That's right.  Fallout 4 is pretty much completely amoral.  The Commonwealth area is essentially self-governed and lawless.  Pissing off one specific faction won't tick off another, as nobody really cares; people got other shit to worry 'bout, nah'mean?

Also: Settlement building!  Much like Skyrim's 'hearthfire' DLC, except way more in-depth and hands on.  Also a HUUUUUUGE PAIN if you're trying to get 100% achievement completion.  (Grumble grumble MAYBE I'll get it one day.)

Anywho.  All that's nice, but I now need your help!

HOW Do I go through my next runthrough?  What type of strict rules should I abide by to give myself a challenge / impossible task?

So far, the current suggestions have been:

- Brad: "Find Big Jim as quickly as possible, then use ONLY BIG JIM."
- Brad: "Wear only a baseball uniform and cap, use only baseball bats as weapons. Upgrading the bats is ok."
- Brad: "Eat/Drink everything you find immediately; like processed stuff, not raw materials."
So everytime I pick up a Nuka-Cola, or can of dog food, or dose of Psycho; down the hatch it goes!  Immediately.

- Marty: "Use explosive weapons only!"

- Miguel: "I demand that you play the shittyiest combat stats."
Which would be the following
Strength: 1
Perception: 4
Endurance: 1
Charisma: 10
Intelligence: 1
Agility: 1
Luck: 10

- Lisa: "Toxic Avenger! Strength, Luck, and immunity to radiation only."

- Myself: play on Survival mode.

I might do a combination of these, but I need your suggestions!  Feeling sadistic, toss me an IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE!  Have a peculiar you think would be fun to play?  let me know!  I am open to any/all suggestions, and now's the time, as I am taking a tiny-small break from Fallout 4 to digest my first run through and also let any suggestions for the next run to come in.

Don't let me down, faithful readers!  Give me your WORST!

OK luh yew babies; mwah mwah.