Tuesday, October 14, 2014

♫ SHE HIT ME WITH TECHNOLOGY ♫ - Guilty of Rocketeering, Pt. 2

Greetings once again!

Last we left off, Jason was about to drop Phase 2 on our asses, about the Far Beyond!

ooooOoOoOoOOooOooooooh spooky/scary.

What does a ghoul need with anti-radiation medication?

Yeah I stole all that shit.  IDGAF call the cops.  Not like they've been using any of it, Ghouls feed off of radiation.  Whatever.  BASEMENT TIME.

Jason, always so melodramatic.  FORSOOTH, WANDERER; HITHER TO THIS, TITHER TO THAT.

Fuckin' unclench buddy!  Sheesh.  It's only your own brand of paradise you're talking about here.  No biggie.  Speaking of the launch pad, there's something moving over there...


Jason's on the up-and-up; he admits to me in private that they've been decieving Chris, telling him he's a ghoul so that he'd fix stuff for them because the guy,s some sort of moody genius or some shit.  Cold, but as they say, it was out of necessity and not malice.  Yeah whatever you need to tell yourself so you can sleep at night, dude.

He then adds that as much as Chris would like to go, he can't.  The voyage itself would kill him, due to the radiation levels.  Never you mind that's how ghouls come into existence, and maybe JUST MAYBE Chris would go through the transformation.  Jason then labels Chris a martyr to the cause of the Far Beyond, taking the Jesus symbolism and cult-status a step further.

Let's see what CHRIS has to say about that!

EY YO.  You a human, dawg.

He thinks I'm playing a cruel joke at first, then slowly comes out of denial, realizing that the people in the vault he was living with weren't teasing him for becoming a ghoul, but because he was going bald.

Really dude?  Really?  Lose a few hairs and you jump straight to OH NOES, AM GUULS NAO.  AM SADS.  What the hell, man.

This newfound sense of humanity is short-lived however, as now Chris wants to fucking MURDER THEM ALL.  That'll show 'em for taking him in and giving him a sense of worth and purpose!  THAT'LL SHOW THEM ALL!


I have to goddamn babysit the entire Wastelands, don't I!?  Jeezy Creezy Chris, YES THAT IS MURDER AND IT IS BAD.  What the HELL.  I talk him out of outright killing those who sheltered him all this time, and indicate that maybe JUST MAYBE he could live as a goddamn normal human being in Novac instead of a hate-filled vengeful bastard.

Anyways.  PHASE 2!  Yes yes we all forgot about Phase 2! HA HA it is to laugh!  Phase 2 is essentially fueling up the rocket ships, so Jason can go be Zombie Space-Jesus or whatever.  That's cool man.  He needs some specialty rocket fuel so Chris can synthesize more, but they don't have any left, and some sort of computing module doohickey.  I should check the local scrapyards.

Thankfully I got them covered on fuel already!  I raided the Dinky Dino store once the owner left for the night and essentially robbed the man BLIND.  I mean it.  I stole his reading glasses.  I really don't care who's toes I step on!

So; lets head over to the scrapyard.

Pretty steep price for a good thrust, lady.

Ol'lady Gibson here has a pack of dogs and is still as sharp as ever when it comes to bargaining and electronics.  I guess I'll have to find a way to negotiate...

'Ow you doin'.  *EYEBROW WIGGLE*

Aww shucks.  *blush* tee-hee!

To be fair, she doesn't look that old and is still quite pretty!  Old Lady Gibson can still get it, UNH.  C'mere girl I'll toss it at ya no problemo.

Ahem.  That got weird.

Back to REPCONN HQ to deliver the fuel and parts!  Jason wants me to go witness the launch from the observation deck where the launch controls are, and thanks me one last time for setting him and his followers on their way to the Far Beyond where myself and Chris will be remembered as Saints, redeeming the sins of our human predecessors in the Great War.

...yeah.  Well then.  Time to go shoot some ghouls out of orbit. Like ya do.


Science 55!?  I can't be THAT far off.  I have a few Science magazines for a temporary +10 to SCIENCE! skill I can boost with, lets go see...


Oh.  oh.  Yeah OK well we'll just NOT tamper with the coordinates then.  I'll trust Jason and his boffins that they've plotted their course correctly, 'cause there's nothing I can do to help/hinder now.

3... 2... 1... LET'S JAM!

FWOOSH!  Off they go, into the glowy firmament.  Aww I feel like a proud mama bird watchin' her little glowy zombified babies fly the nest for the first time.  Flapping their tiny rotting flesh'd wings.  So cute!  Mmmm!  I'm gettin' a little verklempt!





Questcomplete'd.  YAY EXPERIENCE!

Sneering Imperialist IS tempting; but extra room for loot?  BEST THING.

Well, might as well head back to ol' Novac, see what the good folks are up to!  Also tell Manny that I did his dirty work, now he needs to tell me 'bout them sumbitches that what want me in the ground, I reckon.

NOVAC - Free Wi-Fi & Continental Breakfast!

Home sweet home.  Sort-of.  They gave me a room for free since Jeannie-May 'disappeared' and Boone vouched for me.

Graciously omitting that I've launched them into space; just that 'you don't need to worry about them anymore'.

Manny doesn't really want me to elaborate, or I just don't elaborate on principle.  Regardless, I've done your damn task, show me the money!  I mean info.  Spill dem beans, boi.

Payback; thy name is BENNY.

BENNY.  Finally, a name to put to a face.  Boulder City?  Sounds like a town in Pokemon.  Or Colorado.  Pokerado.  Anyways.  Thanks Manny, but now I gotta go find me a Benny.  You've been little to no help.  I hope that dwells on your conscience for a while.

They love me!  They really love me!

My charisma is hard to bear! (Actually its quite easy to beat, its a 5 out of a potential 10.  My LUCK however?  That shit is aces.  10/10 would luck again.)

Where IS Boulder City anyways.  Manny gives me some directions, but lets check this up on the ol' PipBoy Maps app.

Almost there!  I wonder how many calories that run will cost me.

So ends my adventures in Novac for now.  Time to move on up and out to Boulder City!  What will I find?  Benny?  Drama? Suspense? Romance? Deathclaws?

Find out... NEXT TUESDAY!

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