Friday, February 12, 2016

Fallout 4 "IDFSG" Edition: Droppin' Acid Rain

Greetings, my darlings!  here we go!

Last we left off, I had to halt my trek towards Diamond City as I'm playing on Survival mode and I'm in the low-levels so-far, so of course I'm shitty and useless.  Sturges finally got off the roof, so I figure now's the time to go see what he wants.

"Old Macdonald didn't have this much shit to deal with."


What a loser.  A few carrots, melons and gun turrets later, he's finally satisfied with our little settlement.

"6 levels later, I've got like 30% less HP."

Ugh; all these addictions are piling up, and I'm pretty sure I can rack up a few more.  I'm clearly working at a disadvantage; gonna have to start rectifying that.  Anyways; let's get back to gettin' to Diamond City.

"Missed it by THIS MUCH."

Well I wasn't TOO far off, apparently!  More'n halfway there.  However, the USS Riptide is a filthy den of Raider scum and villainy.  One of 'em is wearin' power armor, and I'm nowhere near ready to tackle that nonsense.  SO; time to get cheap.

"Spawncamping is a viable tactic, shut up."

I drop one or two of'em, free EXP; and while the rest on the barge are looking for the sumbitch who done rained lead death onto their homies, I skidoosh on out of there and back towards Diamond City.

"Fallah da yellah brick rahd!"

The few boat-raiders aside; the route to DC is pretty tame; maybe its because its the daytime; the Commonwealth livens up at night with mystery and danger.  And what's beyond that sign?

"Fenway?  Never heard of it."

Basically, Diamond City is Fenway Park in downtown Boston, turned into a walled city.  AND a trading hub!  Hooray!  Door's locked though.

"Are you ready to pay the price of the Pied Piper?"

This here's Piper.  She's the main driving force behind Diamond City's finest (and only) newspaper.  Boston Bugle's out, so make way for PUBLICK OCCURENCES!  It's pretty bad.  So bad that everything she's printed is branded as slander and lies by the mayor, and they won't let her back into the city.

She has to use me to muscle her way in, by saying I'm an overloaded trader and that Myrna would be really pissed off at security if I was turned away.  Starting to think her printing lies might be actually true.

"The Great green Jewel of the Commonwealth!"

BASEBALL!  WOO!  Fenway's seen better days.  Immediately while taking in the sights, one of the vendors calls to me in particular.  Moe Cronin is squawkin' about Swatters, and calls me over, with the weirdest sales pitch ever.

"America's pass-time!"

"Buddy's about as true fact(tm)-accurate as Donald Trump is."

Well Moe, that's actually absolutely not how the game is played whatsoever.  I fill him in since I'm one of those 200 year old benjamin-button-men or whatever, and Moe's essentially "My take is better."  Whatever.  He does however have a job for me.  Go out, and collect some gin-u-wine sports memorabilia.  Sure; 100 caps a piece?  You got it.

"They have to be mint in box, or else they're worthless!"

Further down the markets, I stumble onto the community social board.  Let's see what's going on in Diamond City.

"Ghouls Gone Wild in the Boston Area."

I'll get to that in due time.  Still got so much more to Diamond City to explore!  Rounding 3rd base, let's see what we find...

"Community Garden?  More like Free-for-all Veg-Fest"

I took all their tatos.  All of them.  Mine now.  38 of them.  Boil'em mash'em put'em in a stew TATOS.  They're actually some sort of weird potato-shaped tomato?  I don't know, man.  they're tasty and I can use'em to make glue.  Precious precious glue, a.k.a. Adhesive, which is universally needed for pretty much ANY mod in the game.

"What an enterprising 10-year old."

Sheng Kowalski here, bald like Mr. Clean, runs the Diamond City water purifier.  Tall responsibility for a pre-teen, who then asks me to dive into his cistern pool, and clean it out of junk.  Within that junk, a human skull.  Uhhh.... what.

Sheng says it was probably from the last guy he conned to go dumpster diving in the lagoon.  Whatevs, I clear it out, gimme my money.

"Let's go get Moe his nerd-shit, Dogmeat."

Alright; I could go and ask the detective agency about my missing kid... OOOOOOOOOOR I could take the dog for a run outside and go get me some muns, hun.  Dem sweet sweet caps.  I'm sure Shaun will be fine.

"Legendary Radroach done popped out of a garbage truck!"

And here again is Survival Mode at its finest; pretty much an almost constant stream of legendary monsters comin' at you.  Thankfully a Legendary Radroach isn't that stressful a situation, compared to say, a Legendary Skirmisher Supermutant.

"I don't feel so good..."

It started raining in-game, and suddenly my graphics started doing ... that.  I could look up at the sky fine, and then every now and then it'd white out and get funky, but then it just was constantly.  Even with save reloads.  I took a video!

Finally figured out what the issue is, other than probably doing ALL the drugs caused my save to become horribly corrupted.  It's actually a graphical glitch that when I'm on open terrain while it's raining, that happens.  As soon as I'm indoors or unable to be affected by the lighting effects of the storm, the weird graphics stop.  Which means I can actually use my pipboy/items/etc.  Only thing that worked was my Game menu.

"Feel like I kind of have to, now."

I didn't want to get into this one this early, but the cumulative effects of my current addictions are severe enough, ontop me me playing on Survival.  I somehow stumble in my whitewashed world, into a back of a truck.

"Porkchop Express?  Weird truck name."

If I stay perfectly still and stare at the floor while it's storming, I can see.  I stopped here for now, and next time, I'll wait the storm out, and resume my adventure to get those baseball maguffins, but hopefully I won't further break the game and anger our lord that is Todd Howard.

Congrats on that lifetime achievement award, Todd!  Sure as hell shows!

OK see ya next time everybody!

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