Friday, April 1, 2016

Fallout 4 "IDFSG" Edition: From sea to Glowing Sea.

Happy April Fools, my lovelies!  Today's post finds us trecking into dangerous territory in what will possibly me the LAST post pre-Survival Mode overhaul!  That's supposedly dropping next Tuesday, barring any delays.  Don't know how long the Survival Run will last after that, but I'll give it the ol' college try!

Anywho.  Onwards!

"Penny for your thoughts, Kellogg?"

Nick debates with Dr. Amari about the ethical ramifications of using Kellogg's implant in his own retrofitted systems, and then using the 'Memory loungers' to drift him and I, into Kellogg's memories, if any.  it's a risky affair, has never been done before, etc etc.  I'm not paying attention because I'm looting the place.

"GOTY 2k77"

Good ol' Grognak.  Back at it again with them Ruby Ruins.  The memory lounger is callin' me, and looks quite comfy!

"The revolution will be streaming, except on Hulu or Crackle."


And now for a quiet, introspective jaunt through Kellogg's memories.  Little commentary as this part I found was actually plot-heavy, and for those of you with the game, you should really experience it for yourself.  For those of you here because I am a comedic GENIUS, well.  No need to bog it down with story elements now, right?

"Broken homes; literally."

"Backup backup whatchoo gon' do now."

"Son of a bitch SHOT MY WIFE."


"No you won't kid; I made sure of that."

"In my medical opinion: you're a complete idiot."

Dr. Amari's technique was successful; Kellogg's last memories we were able to access indicated he was tasked by the Institute to find a rogue escaped scientist named Virgil, who's last known possible location was the Glowing Sea.

Where is that, exactly?  Pipboy 3000 will show us the way!

"Looks like I need to take a wrong turn at Albuquerque."

Oh.  So all the way down there, huh?  That's quite the distance.  I'm gonna have to really haul ass.  But hey, level 14!  One more then we can jump-in ankles-deep into Automatron, Fallout 4's first bit of official DLC!

"When the moon hits your eye, that's Armorer!"

Slowly building up my ability to remain well-protected, by way of superior equipment.  Which means time to get serious.

"Time to suit up!"

The Glowing Sea is named so, because it's literally glowing.  It's Ground Zero for when the bombs hit the Boston area during the intro, so to say it's a tad irradiated would be like saying shark attacks are a tad fatal.  And awesome.

"I wonder if 1,050 radiation resistance is enough?!"

Darn thing is made of lead, which is GREAT in this case.  And so, we head out into the unknown, towards the Glowing Sea to find Virgil.

"Random clandestine bar in the middle of nowhere... this game knows me.  It's self-aware."

"Glowing Sea off in the distance, bridge that refuses to cooperate in the foreground."

"Let me teach you how to organize your life, Dogmeat."

"The World of Tomorrow!(tm), all thanks to the power of the mighty atom."

As you can see, the Glowing Sea is just a name.  It's actually a peninsula.  But its also got my geigercounter clicking off like cray-cray, and pretty much everything that CAN survive here, wants me dead.  And is sufficiently powerful to achieve that goal quite easily.

"Remove it's leg, and it becomes SLIGHTLY less lethal."

"25% more PEW!s to be had, however."

"Ground Zero.  There's... people!? what?  SNAKE!  SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE!?"

Church of the Atom apparently set-up shop at ground fucking ZERO, and are FINE.  Well, I presume fine.  I figure they'll speed up the process of ghoulification like whoa, or they'll just be walking tumors by the end of the year.  They really love their advanced radiation sickness, I'll tell you that much!


"This would've been handy to have before I had to kill all those Ghouls to get here."

Isolde is skeptical, but I manage to sweet-talk my way into her telling me where Virgil is.  He lives in a cave out back behind their community, and clearly does not want to be bothered.  Well that sucks, because he's gotta tell me some stuff, as he's the only person I know of that's alive, and has been in and out of The Institute.

"Radscorpions can use Portal technology now."

"Legendary NOPE takin' a nap, beggin' me to NOPE NOPE NOPE."

Sidestepped that badboy via a Stealth Boy, because I ain't got time (or the healthbar; 0 stimpaks left.) to deal with Macho Madness.  Virgil's cave is right there though!

"If I wanted you dead, I'd put a grenade in your pants like a SENSIBLE MURDERER."

Virgil is... a Super-Mutant!?  INTERESTING!  We have a chat, and come to an arrangement which we'll explore in next week's installment!  But finding Virgil gets us...


"Call me BJ SMOOVE 'cause I bring da ruckus."

Death count: 5
Crashes to desktop: 2

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    My comment: Your playthrough of this game is RAD! Get it...'RAD'??? Wait, I think you already made that joke. Shucks... Anyway, get this bad boy up on the YouTubes or teh Steams!

    You rule! MWAH!