Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The powers of persuasion, but also having a gun in your hand when saying 'Pretty Please'.

Ahoy there!

Last we left off, I'd just fixed Trudy's radio (and also stolen her entire bar, but I digress) and was off to catch some Zzz's.  But I was still hurting from that Gecko encounter before.  Sleep it off?  Enh. Drink out of the toilet because it isn't filled with irradiated water?  Best. Idea. Ever.

Look; ain't gonna lie; I've done grosser things than this.

OK that was nasty.  BUT full health so whatever.  Beats eating irradiated food until I have a healthy glow and my hair and teeth fall out.  Now, before I leave the Prospector Saloon, there's still a matter of Trudy's office and her safe.

Thankfully I don't have easy access to bobby pins, to try this at home.  PS don't do it.

Mmmm delicious safe-trappings.  Some whiskey, pre-war money (useless; Wasteland currency is bottlecaps.) and some 9mm ammo.  Trudy won't mind.  Probably.

Caught me takin' shit like nobody would find out.

Mr. Holmes somehow managed to see me pilfer a Sunset Sasparilla Star-Cap from an abandoned Doc Mitchell's house, in the dead of night, in total darkness, with no windows to the room.  'Fair enough, sir.  We trade quips; me telling him that following me is dangerous business (it is) and he that star-caps are currency so rare and special that only a mythical creature known as Festus at the Sunset Bottling Co. can cash them in, for rare and fabled treasure.  Whatever.  GTFO mah face, son.  Now, to go check out that abandoned gas station.

Ringo: Always getting mixed up with the wrong peeps.

So this is Ringo; he's a trader working for the Crimson Caravan Co. who's run a-foul of some Powder Gangers, specifically one named Joe Cobb.  And by run a-foul I mean they jacked his caravan, killed the brahmin & guards, took all his stuff, and now want Goodsprings to cough up Ringo here OR ELSE.  Because powder gangers are assholes.  They're also former members of a chain-gang of inmates at the NCR correctional facility not too far away, who've since overthrown the skeleton crew of guards, and now run the prison as their own personal base of operations.

Imagine some of the worst criminals in a society where killing and looting for survival is already a rampant and sometimes forgivable action, then equip them with plenty of explosives.  Ringo's convinced me that helping him out will be profitable!  And also the right thing to do, but mostly profitable!  I should go back to Trudy's waterin' hole and recruit the locals.  Specifically Sunny, since she's pretty good with a gun and stuff.

Laundry list of shit I gotta do.  THANKS SUNNY.

Sunny's real helpful alright.  She's OK with helping me out, but slow to act in getting others to raise a hand.  Y'know its only a gang of thugs armed with DYNAMITE and the criminal records to back them up using it.  ugh.  Let's get on it.

My jib; she likes the cut-of-it.

Well that was easy.  Maybe my high luck is payin' off after all.    Also *DING* LEVEL-GET!


Keeping to the theme; special dialogue trees with the ladies?  Cool!  Not too fond of that +10% damage to ladies too, but game mechanics et cetera.  I'm also equal opportunity in my indescriminate murdering of wasteland denizens.  Gender has no bias with me.  Chet (the sundries owner) is easily plied to our cause, however my brain isn't good enough at explaining to Easy Pete that I'm capable of handling dynamite so he sits this one out.  Which is OK since his solution to everything is throwing dynamite at it.  Against evil gents who are sometimes covered in dynamite themselves, that doesn't sound smart OR healthy.

Powder Gang a-comin' CHOO CHOO

If you get close enough to get shot in the head at 95% you're gonna have a bad time.

♫ Powder-Ganger... come out to plaaaaaaay ♫

'Overwhelmingly Monstrous' is a bit MUCH, considering the source, guys.

Goodsprings is saved!  HOORAY!  Ringo will no longer be mercilessly hunted from that particular group of Powder Gangers!  I however am now hated amongst the entire congregation equally, and will be sought after without remorse! ...hooraaay?

Well enough of that.  Tally ho!  Sunny mentions that the dudes who tried to off me were headed towards Primm.  So; onward!  But first, there's a rocky outcropping up ahead which looks like there's something ontop... just out of view...

I don't.  What.

I don't know.  There's 5 aces, 4 red balls, and a naked man.   This is some Twin Peaks shit.  Where's the backwards-talking midget.  Also what's that clicking sound?

Current Status: Frowny Face

That clicking?  improvised explosive device.  Bundle of dynamite with old fashioned alarm clock timer, just like in the cartoons!  It also has crippled my arm, and damn near crippled my leg.  Thankfully I've a bunch of doctor's bags to get that fixed.  That's how medecine works now.  rub a bag full of tongue depressors and a stethoscope on your leg, or inject yourself with a pinkish/reddish goop for health.  Hey man, I don't make the rules, or even pretend I understand them, but I'm sure as hell gonna enforce the shit outta them.


With my arm-thing fixed, we'll pause here before heading to Primm.  I hope I can find some new threads in Primm, because this 'Suave Gambler Hat' I found on a fridge-skeleton is Ill-fitting to say the least.  I feel so inadequate with it, you have no idea.  Also hopefully something better than a jumpsuit.  Jumpsuits are lame.

Next Tuesday: Primm!  I think!  Maybe! WHO KNOWS!?

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