Friday, March 11, 2016

Fallout 4 "IDFSG" Edition: Breakfast of Death-Champions

Greetings my lovelies!

It's Friday!  HOORAY!  You're possibly still in your cubicle, or maybe you're out already, and lookin' to wind down before the weekend starts and you go out to get TURN'T.  I got you covered, baby!

Ft. Elgen!  Kellogg's hidey-hole away from wherever/whoever he works for.  But the entrance is blocked.  Thankfully there's some scaffolding on the side of the building, let's see where it leads...

"Enlist now! Service guarantees Citizenship!"

A few turrets here and there; I guess the Super Mutant Suicider there was the odd-man out.  There's nothin' here of note.


Sick timely Team Fortress Two reference, aww yiss.  Also a level!  I put it in Medic because the 4th level of Medic makes it that Stimpaks heal like, 100% of your health and WAY faster.  Which, on Survival mode is ridiculously slow right now.

"And thus, began my descent into madness..."

So I found access to the base via the roof.  And it BEGIIIIIIIIINS.  I exit the roof hatch inside on the 2nd floor, within a broom closet.  And this is where for the next like almost 2 hours, I realized I was horrendously unprepared for this section of the game.

"Overkill, much?  Unless it's the Holy Grail rabbit, then fuck, nuke'im from orbit, dude."

I possibly picked up this damn magazine like, 10+ times, after dying shortly afterwards.  Just getting to the next bit took all of my frag grenades, and I only had 5 of them.

"The creations will always rebel against the creators, beep boop bop zap boop"

Lil shit went about and shot a few synths, then decided I was an issue.  Of note; this protectron is probably plated with drop-forged steel, because when he decides to come back for me, he soaked up a TON of damage.

"Died so many times in this spot.  So many."

Took out a few synths here; which confirms that Kellogg is working for the Institute.  Synths seem to be resistant to my VATS shots, and because I haven't picked up that analyze perk yet, I'm unsure of what their exact weakness is.  I do know that me walking around in Grognak's barbarian attire is the WORST tactical decision for a firefight with synths using energy weapons.

Thankfully I still have my upgraded vault suit AND some leather chest armor.  It lengthens the time I'm still alive, but not by much.

"Synth Patrol Leader in there.  I've found TWO frag grenades, and it takes both of them just to whittle the sumbitch."

Trial and Error could be the perfect way to explain this run. More Error than tryin', unless this is a trial by death affair, in which I passed that shit ACES gangbusters, because I died more times than Red Skull did, or any other Marvel villain who's known for dying and then coming back 5 minutes later, a sandwich & coffee in hand.


Precious ammo!  Though its mostly .38, and that's commonly used by pipe pistols/rifles, and I pretty much salvage those ON THE SPOT.  Yes I know I might one day NEED to keep one on me because it'll be a great holdout weapon, but F that HOTTEST OF TAKES, I DON'T NEED NO DUPLO-LOOKIN' PISTOL.

"And where were YOU." "BORF!"

OH LOOK WHO SHOWS UP.  Fallout 4's companion AI being what it is, pretty much the second I zoned in from the roof, Dogmeat was MIA.  Only took clearing out the 2nd and first floor for him to show up for real.  And I mean this, because the entire time I'm fighting, I can hear him off in the distance growling and antagonizing synths, but not actually DOING anything.

"ICE to meet you."

Kellogg thinks he's a funny guy.  A comedian, and whatnot.  We'll see how funny he is when I break him, and make him dead.  And I mean SUPER DEAD.  I'm gonna do things to his body dead.  I'm gonna get RIBALD with his corpse.  It'll be NASTY,

"Protek ya nek!"

I am, poster.  that's why I'm festooned with guns!  More synths and laser turrets around every corner.  it becomes almost a cover-based shooter at this point, ducking behind heavy machinery and shooting while the synths reload at a sufficient distance that they still couldn't hit me, but I can't really hit them either.  VATS is almost useless at this distance other than if my main goal is to waste bullets.

"Energy Weapons in my bag.  Bobblehead Swag"

Yeah I know I used that joke last week.  It's still FRESH and I know what's POPPIN' IN DEM STRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREETS.

Just a few more synths to get rid of, then maybe... just maybe...

"Let me jack that up to 8, motherfucker."

GOOD GRAVY YES.  FINALLY.  I kept getting the "Cannot sleep when enemies are nearby" message.

Death count: Fuck. I don't know.  15? 20?  check below then you tell ME!

OK so this is sort-of a short entry but BONUS: I have the entire footage uploaded to my twitch page!

Part 1
Part 2

Footage cutout kinda halfway; don't know why, but oh well.  I'll at some point collate both videos, and put them into 1 video on Youtube maybe?  Who knows.

Anyways, thanks for the ridealong this week!  Next week let's go find out how many times I die against Kellogg!

Questions? Comments? Inflammatory HOT TAKES to yell at me?  Comment!  Let me have it! YEEHAW!

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