Friday, March 18, 2016

Fallout 4 "IDFSG" Edition: Up to No-good in Goodneighbor-hood.

Greetings once again, my lovelies!

Last time, we were all about to get all-up-in Kellogg's inner sanctum.  He knows I'm coming, and has attempted to dissuade me at each turn.  I think he's just scared.  Which would make sense, he stole my kid and I've tracked him down to his own home, and want him dead.  I'd want me dead too, if our spots were reversed.

"Please don't come any further.  Please please."

Now, as much as a big game he talks, Kellogg's got the advantage here.  Mostly because I'm low on supplies, this is a Survival mode run, and generally the fight goes down in some very close quarters with not much cover.

Thankfully though, the devs thought of that, and provide with an aptly-filled supply room just prior to the final encounter with Kellogg.

"Let's see, free hammer, drugs AND lockpicky things? Sure!"

"AND a tactical nuke-launcher and laser rifle?  You shouldn't have!"

I like to imagine these all belong to Kellogg, and he forgot about it all until I came barreling down the corridor, which is why he is trying to get me to turn around.  Sorry buddy, but you took my boy.  NOTHIN' is gonna stop me.  NOTHIN'.

"That's why I do my killings over shag carpeting."

I love every one of these manuals because they're hilarious.  Also just lying around here.  Like there's a story, an untold one, behind each and every copy.  How'd it get here?  Why's it smeared with blood?  How useful was it to the last person who read it?  Probably not much considering that blood smear, actually...

"Ugh, FINE.  Come in."

In a bizarre turn of events, Kellogg turns off his synth-killbots (momentarily) so we can 'talk'.  I don't think he understands what's really gonna be goin' down, or better yet, he does.  And wants to catch me offguard.  I don't think he gets that I've been poppin' mentats and buffout nonstop since I got out of the freezer, and am juiced up AF right now.

You took my boy, I'm kiting high on steroids and methamphetamines.  Somebody gon' die today.


"Shit; I had prepared a soliloquy for this... oh well."

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you over all this WHERE IS MY SON!? happenin'."

And so began the rough fight against Kellogg.  It's an abjectively small room, with two synths (one's a Leader so; tough.) and Kellogg who pops a Stealth Boy immediately as the fight starts.

Not gonna lie, this was impossible for a little bit, on account of it being survival mode and starting the fight in the 'open' with a synth behind me to take shots all free of reprisal as I deal with Kellogg and the other synth infront of me.

But, as you'll see, I discovered a fatal flaw to Kellogg's plan.  Picking the Sarcastic option gives you a bit of a lengthy zinger there seen below, but also since you can move around during dialogue, if you move away with the reticle from Kellogg, you can immediately use your pipboy to say, switch to pulse grenades, and then enter VATS while burnin' Kellogg with that Hell diss.

"Remember when I said I'd kill you last?  I LIED."

"SAPRIZE! ptchoo ptchoo ptchoo you're dead."

"Time for some #BeefyBoi action up in this humpy bumpy."

"Kellogg; allergic to tactical miniature nuclear warheads.  Who'd have known?"


Y'know, after the 10th try.  Details.  Kellogg is DEAD DEAD DEAD and I couldn't be happier.  Well I could if I had my SON.  Which I don't.  Thankfully between bits of calling him 'motherfucker' I found out that Shaun's been handed over to the Institute.  A sensible time ago.  Whatever that means.

Anyways, this fool's junk is now MY junk.  That's right, not only did I murder him, but I'll outright desecrate his corpse and take everything he ever owned from him.  Fuck this guy.

"Awesome.  Now I can pretend I'm Rick Grimes!"

"I make it work for me.  Styles upon styles!"

"The Institute.  Dickbags of the Commonwealth."

Now that I know where I need to go, I just... need to find out where the Institute actually IS.  Nobody seems to know.  Let's head back to Diamond City, and ask Nick!  He's a synth, he's the closest link we've got so-far.

"I love you, I mean... BORF?"

The way out of Ft. Hagen isn't too complicated, as every exit back to where I came from is locked.  I eventually end up on the roof, just as something massive shows up.


Huh.  Well there's the Brotherhood, just showin' up whenever they want and stuff.  They SAY they come in peace, but we'll see about that.  I ain't seen anybody come in peace when they roll into a place like this, deploying vertibirds every 50 yards.  Shit just don't seem peaceful at all, bruh.

Anyways.  Onwards.

"Aaaaah; another beautiful day in an irradiated hellscape."

Hoofed it back to Sanctuary, so I could sort out the loot situation; essentially my bag was full and so was Dogmeat's.  You can use companions as packmules, but y'know I don't want to abuse of it TOO much.  I needed a nap anywho.  Next: Diamond City!

"Yeah Piper, stick to ethics in Synth Journalism."

"A lot, Nick.  A lot."

I essentially boil it down for Nick & Piper.  Shaun's at the Institute, and nobody knows how to get there.  Except Kellogg did/does.  Nick has a crazy idea which involves using some of Kellogg's brain-goo, and someplace called the "Memory Den" in Goodneighbor.  Apparently also Nick doesn't approve of me saying I'd kill Kellogg again if given the chance, well maybe Mr. Synth-man, you'd feel the same if he had took your son from you.  And shot your wife infront of you.  And then taunted you while you stalked him.

I digress.  Thankfully, Kellogg was pretty much a cyborg by now, tweaked to shit and back by the Institute. So we can use one of his cybernetic doodads in lieu of brain-goop.  Hoo-ray.  I just need to get on with it and head to Goodneighbor.

"Hello out there to anybody listening!  Also: HELP!"

Some dude's trapped in a nearby tower FILLED with Super Mutants.  Maybe later dude, I got an appointment with a Mammary Den.  Memory Den.  I'd go for a Boob-Hut though; that sounds right up my alley, actually.



Not gonna lie; Kellogg's big-ass hand cannon is awesome.  AND it refills Action Points on a critical hit?  Hot damn.  I just need to find me some more .44 ammo.  Because I have like; none left.

"LEVEL!  Now to make better pants."

"This doesn't look dangerous at all!"

"Walk into town, meet shady dude infront of TWO arms dealers: check."

Well, welcome to Goodneighbor, I guess.  First thing that happened was I witnessed the town mayor shenk the guy who tried shaking me down immediately as I walked into town.  Thanks?  I guess?  Hancock as he's known, is very welcoming for a man who just committed murder right infront of me, stating that Goodneighbor's a place where all the freaks can congregate and feel welcomed, compared to the rest of the wasteland.  Probably means if I ever need to buy more drugs, this would be the place to do it.  Good stuff.

"Sigh; shoulda been a Boob-Hut."

"Maybe it IS a Boob-Hut after all!  Homina Homina!"

Meeting up with Nick at the Memory Den, about to talk to Dr. Amari.  This is where we'll pause it for this week, my lovelies!  See you again next Friday where we'll find out what goes on inside a mercenary's head maybe!  WHO KNOWS!?

Death count: 11
Crashes: 1

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